Platinum Horizon

Calderdale Stairlifts Ltd - Platinum Stairlifts Horizon

Straight & Simple

The Horizon comes in two models - Standard and Plus.

The Standard features a weight limit of 120kg (19 stone), together with a slimline seat and all the essential features to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. A manually operated swivel allows you to safely turn the seat to face the landing at the top of the stairs.

The Plus model comes with Platinum's ERGO seat and an increased weight limit of 140kg (22 stone). The Plus can also be upgraded to feature a powered swivel, in the event that you are unable to turn the seat yourself.

The Horizon rail can incorporate a hinge, so that when not in use, the lift will not obstruct any doorways or access routes in your home.

Additionally, the Horizon is the perfect choice for use outdoors - all Horizon models are able to be upgraded with an Outdoor kit, making them weatherproof.

The quality, safety, comfort and reliability of all Platinum stairlifts are made to the highest standards. Once each product has gone through a number of rigorous safety checks, they are delivered with a personalised signed certificate of quality to assure you that the stairlift provided is of the highest quality that can be offered. All stairlifts are tested in the factory to ensure optimum efficiency and are then delivered with a personalised signed certificate of quality.

For comfort the stairlifts also have a fully adjustable chair which maximises the comfort and ride quality, allowing the user to feel at ease when moving up and down the stairs. Other features include a hand held remote control which not only controls allows you to stop and start the stairlift but also allows you to call it to you. Alongside this it also has a control lever, which is ergonomically designed to make the lift easy and effortless.

Platinum Range

Horizon Standard

1. Fixed seat and seatpad
2. Manual swivel
3. Maximum user weight limit 120kg
4. Anodised aluminum single rail
5. Rail angles 25° to 55°
6. Digital diagnostic display in carriage
7. Infra-red remote controls
8. Lap seat belt
9. Switch joystick control
10. Optional powered hinge
11. Optional Platinum Horizon outdoor

Horizon Plus - As Standard, with the following extra features:

1. Revolutionary Ergo chair
2. Maximum user weight limit 140kg
3. Fully adjustable seat and seatpad
4. Digital diagnostic display in arm
5. Ergonomically designed joystick
6. Retractable reel seatbelt
7. Adjustable sideways footrest
8. Dual lever linked footrest raisers
9. Rail angles 25° to 62°
10. Optional powered swivel
11. Optional powered hinge
12. Optional Platinum Horizon outdoor