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What to expect from a home visit

Once you've booked your home visit, a surveyor will come to your home to help you decide which stairlift is best for you. It will be useful to have answers ready to the following questions to inform your decision:

  • Are you able to bend your knees and travel in a seated position?
  • Will it be best for you to travel in a seated or standing position?
  • If you prefer a standing stairlift, will there be enough headroom?
  • How wide is your staircase?
  • Do you have the dexterity in your hands to operate a standard stairlift remote control, or is an alternative method required, such as a joystick or toggle?
  • Are there doors, thresholds, banister rails, radiators, or any other potential obstructions near the staircase? If this is the case, you may require a hinged track.

If you don't know the answers to these questions, the surveyor will be able to help you. You may wish to have somebody with you so that they can ask questions as well.

Why not contact us and arrange a free, independent and honest home visit, you are under no obligation to buy. At Calderdale Stairlifts we value our customer service and are here to help, when one of our surveyors visits they will be able to offer the best possible solution for you and your home.

Request a home survey


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