Thyssen Flow 2 Stairlift

Flow 2 Curve Stairlift


The Flow 2 Curved Stairlift

Flow 2 Stairlifts have been designed to fit on very narrow staircases. Designed by Thyssenkrupp for stairs with one or more bends.
Thanks to their ASL technology they can fit on a narrower curved stair than any other stairlift.

Thyssenkrupp engineers developed their patented ASL technology to enable all components to operate in one fluid motion.

The Flow 2 footrest swivels with the seat, even in the tightest of staircases. As you reach a tight area on the stairs the seat will swivel to avoid clash points

The unique "auto-powered" system used on Flow Stairlifts, allow the lift to fit onto the narrowest of staircases. In theory it is possible to install the Flow onto a set of stairs as narrow as 61cm.

The Flow stairlft is often used when a conventional curved stairlift is unable to fit and because of the variable speeds which the lift can achieve, it is also one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides that you can get on a stairlift.

Features And Benefits Of The Flow 2 Include:
Clean and hassle free installation
2 remote controls
Choice of joystick controls
Choice of manual and powered swivel seats
Different rail colours available
Weight capacity of 125 kg (20 stone)
Automatic seat rotation whilst travelling
Can fit on very narrow staircases

More Flow Stairlift Features:
Power Supply: 24V DC
Drive: Rack and Pinion
Load Capacity: 125kg
Operation: Joystick control as standard
Stair Angles: 28 – 52 degs plus helicals
Rail: Extruded aluminium profile
Rail finish: Epoxy powder coated

Flow 2 Technical Specification Dimension:
Width between arms(inside): 450 - 470mm
Ground floor to top of seat: 455 - 575mm
Ground floor to top of footrest: 75mm
Width when folded: 340mm
Footrest to top of backrest: 923mm
Ground floor to top of backrest: 1045mm
Width when unfolded: 750mm

The Flow Stairlift Rail System:
The Flow Stairlifts single rail system is one of the most technologically advanced on the market. The rail can be installed on either side of the stairs and is designed to stay as close to the staircase as possible.

A drop nose (or droop nose) rail option is available if there is an obstruction, such as a door, at the bottom of the stairs.