Brooks Slimline 130


You couldn't get a better pedigree than the Brooks 130 T700 Slim line stairlift which is built by Britain's very first stairlift manufacturer, The 130 Slim line is the latest design from Brooks Stairlifts - who have been at the forefront of the market for more than four decades.

An established reputation combined with style.

The Brooks slim line has a strong reputation for reliability and is also one of the slimmest stair lifts on the market - making it ideal for narrow, steep and straight staircases. In fact it can be installed on staircases as narrow as 24 inches.

Manufactured in the UK it combines high reliability and comfort with low maintenance. It's quiet and smooth operation, padded vinyl upholstery and soft stop and start function makes getting up and down stairs both calm and effortless. It features an easy to use directional arm and swivel controls on both sides of the stairlift. It is also extremely sturdy and able to take a weight of up to 21 stone.

What about safety?

As you might expect from such an established company safety is paramount. The stair lift is controlled by an electronic and mechanical braking system, ensuring that all journeys are not just safe but also smooth.
Other safety features include safety limit sensors, pressure sensors, a lockable key and a lap harness.

As is the norm for most modern stair lifts its battery packs are automatically recharged at the end of each journey, meaning that each trip is smooth and quiet. In the event of a power cut the Brooks Lincoln will continue to work.
Quick and easy installation.

The Brooks slim line stairlift is quick and easy to install - taking between one to two hours - and you don't need to worry about it ruining your decor. The slimline track is fitted to the stairs rather than the wall, meaning there is no unsightly work or damage.

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Also Available For Outdoor

If you have steps, indoors or out, that you cannot cope with, then a simple outdoor stairlift that you operate independently could be the perfect solution for you. This outdoor stairlift is the perfect mobility aid to give you access to those outdoor spaces you love or have limited access to.