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Why Does Santa Use The Chimney? Or Does He ......

Tuesday 6th December 2016

The simplest and, indeed, the only certain answer is because he can get in that way. People have been puzzling over this question for quite some time. The influence of "A Visit from St. Nicholas" may have made Santa's entrance by chimney part of America's standard Christmas lore, but Santa's connection with chimneys actually dates back several centuries before the poem. We can see the association already in a charming seventeenth-century Dutch painting by Jan Steen titled "The Feast of St. Nicholas." It depicts St. Nicholas' Day (the giving of Christmas gifts still takes place in several countries on December 6): A little girl is delighted with her gifts, while her brother bewails the fact that he has received nothing. Most interesting…

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Just for a bit of fun ......

Monday 28th November 2016

Trusted member of the Age UK Calderdale & Kirklees Business Directory

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

We are pleased to announce that Calderdale Stairlifts Ltd is now a Trusted member of the Age UK Calderdale & Kirklees Business Directory The history of the Age UK organisations which work towards improving later life, stems back to the 1940s. The famous names 'Age Concern' and 'Help the Aged' were born in the 1960s and 70s. After decades of working independently to help older people, Age Concern England and Help the Aged joined together in April 2009 to create a new charity dedicated to improving later life for everyone. As of April 2010, they have been known as Age UK. Local Age UKs all share the same ethos and brand but offer different services that suit the needs of their local area, they…

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The story of the poppy

Thursday 10th November 2016

During the First World War (1914-1918) much of the fighting took place in Western Europe. Previously beautiful countryside was blasted, bombed and fought over, again and again. The landscape swiftly turned to fields of mud: bleak and barren scenes where little or nothing could grow. Bright red Flanders poppies (Papaver rhoeas) however, were delicate but resilient flowers and grew in their thousands, flourishing even in the middle of chaos and destruction. In early May 1915, shortly after losing a friend in Ypres, a Canadian doctor, Lt Col John McCrae was inspired by the sight of poppies to write a now famous poem called 'In Flanders Fields'. McCrae's poem inspired an American academic, Moina Michael, to make and sell red silk poppies which were…

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Halloween History & Origin

Monday 31st October 2016

Halloween is the one of the oldest holidays still celebrated today. It's one of the most popular holidays, second only to Christmas. While millions of people celebrate Halloween without knowing its origins and myths, the history and facts of Halloween make the holiday more fascinating. Some people view Halloween as a time for fun, putting on costumes, trick-or-treating, and having theme parties. Others view it as a time of superstitions, ghosts, goblins and evil spirits that should be avoided at all costs. As the Christian debate goes on, celebrating Halloween is a preference that is not always viewed as participating in an evil holiday. Halloween is often celebrated with no reference to pagan rituals or the occult. Halloween History Halloween is on October 31st,…

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Why Get A Stairlift?

Thursday 27th October 2016

The thought of growing older or suddenly needing more help with mobility can be very daunting. Sometimes people can find that the place they used to call home has now become scary and intimidating as they try to navigate up and down stairs, sometimes becoming trapped and only able to use certain areas of the home.   Some are faced with the prospect of having to give up their homes and relocate which is the last thing you may want to do. If the thought of having to relocate is too stressful for you, then looking into mobility options such as a stairlift may be a more suitable and lower stress option.   Sometimes people are hesitant about getting a stairlift because they see…

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Ever Considered An Outdoor Stairlift?

Tuesday 25th October 2016

It's this time of year when outdoor steps can become very slippery and dangerous, many people think of an outdoor stairlift for mainly summer use which in many cases can be correct but they are designed to be used all year round especially to combat the severe condition that winter can bring. Our outdoor stairlifts have been chosen because of their durability - they are designed to resist the elements, being fully waterproof, UV stable and able to operate in a wide range of temperatures. You can opt for a heavy duty motor, which is capable of carrying up to 140kg/22st. A waterproof cover is also provided to keep it dry when you're not using it. So come rain or shine, you…

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Free Scooter hire from Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees

Wednesday 19th October 2016

Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees are offering free mobility scooter hire in the run up to Christmas from their Choices Centre shop in Halifax town centre. We would like to offer a helping hand to anyone who has difficulty getting around the shops to get their Christmas shopping done. This special promotion starts on Saturday 14 th and will run through to Saturday 21nd December when mobility scooter and wheelchair hire will be absolutely free from the Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees Choices Centre in Woolshops. "Christmas shopping can be stressful enough at the best of times" says Gary Varley, the  Shopmobility Manager at Age UK. "We want to do our bit to help our clients old and new have a safe…

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Ever Considered a Stairlift? But Don't Want To Buy.....

Friday 7th October 2016

Affordable Stairlift Rental The Low-Cost Solution There are many varying reasons why renting a stairlift may make the most sense for you. Your requirements may be for a temporary stairlift, you may just want to "try before you buy", or you may appreciate the low cost monthly payment coupled with the peace of mind of the inclusive service and maintenance costs. Whatever your requirement, our monthly stair lift hire offers a low cost solution to climbing the stairs. Advantages include: Free 24 hours a day 7 days a week breakdown cover Option to purchase the stairlift at any time Fixed payments for life No minimum or maximum rental term Free servicing and maintenance From £50.00 Per calendar month - affordable monthly payments Extremely low installation costs Our Stairlift Rental options are…

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Who Is Your Local Stairlift Specialist?

Monday 3rd October 2016

With so many of us using the internet to find the supplier of our next purchase, do we really know who we are buying from? Call me old fashioned but I like to deal with local people who I know I can rely on should I need after sales service. Many business's advertise as local but local to who? I can google Stairlift Companies who claim to be in Halifax or the surrounding area who are in fact based at the other end of the country. Here's a few tips to ensure you are dealing with who you think you are 1. Research the company, do they have a local address? 2. Ring the company and ask where they are based? 3. If…

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Are your stairs telling you something?

Monday 26th September 2016

A staircase should never come between you and your independence at home. Calderdale Stairlifts provide a wide selection of stairlifts from the most trusted brands in the industry, each one promising you safe and easy navigation up and down the stairs once again.

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Halifax Demo Room

Thursday 22nd September 2016

We know there is no substitute for being able to try things before you buy, whether it's a pair of shoes or a top of the range car, you want to know if it fits and what it feels like. Stairlifts are no different and that's why we encourage people to pay us a visit and try our stairlifts in our Halifax demonstration room, here you can see if the stairlift is a good fit for you, have a chat, get the answers to all your questions and have a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea .... we even have a selection of cakes! Give us a call and book an appointment .... there is no obligation to buy, no hard sell,…

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