The only way is pup!

The only way is pup!

Monday 20th February 2017

As people get older, climbing up stairs can be a bit of a challenge. And it's not just humans who have this issue. If you're a pet owner, you'll know our four legged friends can struggle as well. But now stairs are no longer a problem for three dachshunds in one West Yorkshire home.

Animal lovers from West Yorkshire were so concerned about their pet Dachshund's bad back they splashed out £1,500 on a stairlift.

Sheila Lee, from Ossett, volunteers for West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, where she rescued her dog, Pippa. Pippa developed a bad back, and Sheila and her husband Harry had to fork out thousands for a spine operation.

So to stop their other two dogs, Millie and Heidi, developing the condition, they bought a stairlift.

"People must have thought we were mad", said Sheila. "But it was that or paying out thousands more.