What a straight stairlift is

What a straight stairlift is

Monday 23rd January 2017

What is a straight stairlift?

It is stairlift which runs on one straight piece of rail/track (hence its name).

What type of staircase it is suitable for

A straight stairlift is only suitable for staircases which are straight. Where there is a curve in the staircase, a straight stairlift should never be fitted. The same goes if there is a bend in the staircase. In some cases, if there is sufficient space in the bend on the staircase, it could be possible to fit 2 straight stairlifts on the staircase (one on each of the straight sections of the staircase).

Where a staircase is either curved or has a bend in it, you should install a stairlift where the rail/track can be curved. This is called a curved stairlift.

When not in use, the carriage (where you sit) of a straight stairlift is parked either at the bottom in the hallway before the actual staircase starts or at the top over the last steps of the staircase, level with the landing.

If parking the stairlift at either of these places causes any obstructions (like blocking a door or access to the staircase), it may not be able to fit a straight stairlift. At the bottom of the staircase, you may be able to get around this problem by fitting the straight stairlift with an hinged rail/track. But if this happens at the top, you not be able to fit a stairlift at all or have to fit a curved stairlift instead.


The main advantage of a straight stairlift is cost. They are the cheapest type of stairlift that you can buy (at least half as expensive as buying a curved stairlift). In addition, once you have bought one they are both quicker to get and to install on a staircase than a curved stairlift.
You can also choose whether you want a stairlift which has seated position or one which has a standing position (called a 'perch stairlift'). There are some models of stairlifts on the market that allow you to do both.
The last advantage of having a straight stairlift is that it is possible to resell it (both the carriage and the rail/track) when you no longer want it.


To be honest there are not many disadvantages to having a straight stairlift. The only one I can think of is that you have restricted options where you can park or get off and on the staircase. Unlike a curved stairlift you can't park (or get off and on) the stairlift around the side of your staircase.

In conclusion

So that's what a straight stairlift is. If you have the option to either choose a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift on your stairs, I recommend that you choose a straight staircase. There are not only cheaper, but they you can resell them when you no longer want it on your staircase.