Stairlift Rental


Renting a stairlift

Our rental scheme enables you to have all the benefits of a new or reconditioned stairlift, while paying for it one month at a time. We even offer rental on curved stairlifts. You won't have to worry about servicing or costs as we take care of that, and when you don't need it any more we'll come and remove it.

How does a stairlift rental work?

Hiring a stairlift is simple. To take advantage of our rental scheme, we require a one-off payment to cover the administration, installation and subsequent removal of the stairlift. From then on, there will be a set monthly fee for the duration of your rental. You are free to cancel the agreement at any time and are only committed to one month's stairlift rent in advance.

Which stairlifts can I rent?

All our stairlift models for straight or curved, including reconditioned models, are available for rent subject to availability.

How much does it cost to rent a stairlift?

Our prices start as little as £1.42 per day after your initial payment but all houses are different and costs may vary depending on your staircase design and individual requirements. Why not call us and book a free, no obligation consultation where we can give you a fixed quotation?

Do I have an option to buy?

Yes, you have the option to purchase the stairlift at any point during the rental period.


Rentals are a great option for perhaps a relative coming to stay, a temporary mobility problem or when someone is unfortunately terminally ill.  We do also have customers who just prefer to rent long term rather than buy with the peace of mind that we cover the stairlift maintenance (subject to standard warranty conditions) and  servicing and the ease of getting it taken out when it's no longer needed.

Key Features of our rental packages include:
The initial cost covers installation and removal when no longer required
You can rent with the initial cost to include one months rental and then pay a monthly rental fee
The stairlift remains our property so we cover stairlift maintenance subject to our standard warranty conditions and this also includes an annual service if you have the stairlift more than a year
You can opt to purchase the stairlift at anytime