Brooks 180 Curve

Brooks 180

The Brooks 180 is the slimmest curved stairlift on the market and is ideal for narrow staircases or when space is at a premium.It can be installed on staircases as narrow at 24 inches and when it is folded up it has a depth of just 12.5 inches.

The British made stairlift is incredibly versatile and can be fitted internally or externally. It is suitable for a wide variety of staircase types including 90 degree bends, 180 degree turns, fan shaped stairs and square landings.
It is run on a neat single modular rail track which is built to the exact specification needed in your home.

Perfect for curves

If your staircase has any type of curved design the Brooks Curved Stairlifts will almost certainly be suitable.
Its rail is fitted to your stairs rather than the wall so there will be no damage to your home.

Safety is obviously of primary importance where stairlifts are concerned, and the Brooks 180 will not disappoint on that score. A wealth of features, include dual electronic and mechanical braking systems, pressure sensitive safety plates, limit sensors, and a safety belt harness. You can be sure you will be travelling up and down stairs safely and with no compromise on comfort. The Brooks 80 curved stairlift offers comfortable upholstery, as well as a smooth and near silent operation and controls which are simple to use.

Additional features available

The stairlift can also be fitted with other features - such as an automatic swivel seat, hinged track system and large footrest if required.

Brooks 180
Brooks 180

Dimensions mm inch A Overall height 975 38.5 B Height of seat 430 17 C Overall depth (from wall) 590 23.25 D Overall depth (when folded) 320 12.5 E Width of footrest 375 15 F Overall width 557 22 G Depth of seat 370 14.5

A brilliant and unique stairlift solution for both internal and external radius staircases. With the modular design of the Brooks 180 the turnaround from survey to installation can be completed in as little as 10 days, usually less

The Brooks 180 is specifically built for curved staircases, intermediate landings or where there is limited access. The smooth start and stop feature, ensures a safe and comfortable ride.

The Brooks 180 Stairlift fits to the stairs, not the wall and requires no structural changes to your home. An affordable and extremely reliable stairlift it easily folds away so everyone can continue to use the stairs without being obstructed.
Budget Stairlift Scotland offer a fast, no mess guaranteed installation service and as the Brooks 180 Stairlift fixes to the floor and stairs there is no expensive to repair damage done to any walls.

The Brooks 180 is very easy to use and comes with remote control as standard.
The Brooks 180 offers a wealth of features for your benefit including:
Padded seat and backrest for maximum comfort.
Can be operated with the lightest of touches. Perfect for those with limited dexterity.
A safety belt is installed on all of our Stairlifts, so you feel secure at all times.
Our slim fold away design has folding arms, seat and footrest, so other people can continue to use the stairs.
A lockable swivel seat means you can get on and off your Stairlift without twisting your body.
Railing is secured directly to your stairs, not to the wall. So there's no structural damage to your home.
A lockable on/off switch provides additional child-friendly safety.
Direction paddle switch
A diagnostic digital display allows you to see the exact status of the Stairlift at all times.
Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the lift automatically should there be any obstruction on your staircase.
Two remote controls are provided so that you can have the convenience of being able to share the Stairlift with a loved one.


Chair speed of 120mm/4.8in per second
Rack and pinion drive for smoothness
Maximum user weight 19st/120kg
Aluminium track
Mains supply to battery charger